Caprio Farms

Capri CBD is a company founded by McGee Caprio, a woman with a vision to farm hemp, grow organically, and create a product sourced directly from the plants she knows and cares for. Through hard work and the help of family, friends, and neighbors, Capri CBD aims to provide the highest quality CBD oil blends with a Mediterranean style that embodies living life to the fullest through health and relaxation. All brought to you by a small family farm.

Caprio Farms is the heart of the operation, a hemp farm proud to champion sustainable farming and bio-dynamic practices. McGee and her husband Sam oversee every aspect, from planting through harvest and beyond, personally tending to each plant, and ensuring that every ounce of care and attention ends up in each bottle of Capri CBD.

All hemp oil blends are made with organic full-spectrum (whole plant) CBD extract that has been 3rd party batch tested for purity, quality, and cannabinoid content.